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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2018 - Reported to @IMB_Piracy in Last 7 days #marsec

Incidents reported by the IMB in the last 7 days


Product Tanker

06.03.2018: 1000 UTC,

Posn: 04:05N – 006:57.0E, Around 21nm SW of Bonny Island, Nigeria.

Pirates, armed with guns, boarded a product tanker approaching the Bonny Fairway Buoy. Alarm raised, SSAS activated and all crew mustered in the citadel. Nigerian Navy notified and patrol boats were immediately deployed to assist the vessel. As all crew were secure in the citadel, the pirates were unable to take any hostages. They damaged some navigation and communication equipment and escaped. Later, the Master and crew emerged from the citadel and took back control of their tanker and sailed to a safe port. All crew safe.


Bulk Carrier

03.03.2018: 1545 UTC:

Posn: 06:02.9S – 106:53.4E, Tanjung Priok Anchorage, Indonesia.

Duty Motorman onboard an anchored bulk carrier noticed two robbers on the aft deck and raised the alarm. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped in a waiting boat. On searching the vessel nothing reported stolen.

For the latest reports go to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center

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