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9th March 2009 - Sinking of the Ibn al-Battuta - loss of 13 souls #maritimehistory #OTD

Thirteen people were rescued when the 5 600-tonne cargo ship the Ibn al-Battuta went down in the sea about 35 nautical miles off the port of Safaga.

Among those rescued were the ship's Sudanese captain and Somali, Iraqi and Bangladeshi crewmen.

Two vessels and helicopters were involved in the search for the missing members of the crew, which include Sudanese, Indians and Pakistanis.

The ship was carrying a shipment of silicon and had set sail from the port of Abu Dhunaima, near Safaga, on its way to the United Arab Emirates.

It is difficult to find more information on this sinking, but we believe 13 souls may have been lost.

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