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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2018 - Reported to @IMB_Piracy in Last 7 days #marsec

Incidents reported by the IMB in the last 7 days


Bulk Carrier

15.03.2018: 0530 UTC:

Posn: 12:01.8 S – 077:11.2 W, Callao Anchorage, Peru.

Four robbers armed with knives boarded an anchored bulk carrier. Alarm raised and crew mustered. The robbers escaped with stolen ship’s stores. A search was carried out. Incident reported to the local agents.


Bulk Carrier

17.03.2018: 1640 UTC:

Posn: 38:51.2 N – 118 36.6 E, Caofeidian Anchorage, China.

Three robbers, in a small boat, approached an anchored bulk carrier and attempted to board using ropes attached with hooks. The crew noticed the robbers, informed the Master and raised the alarm. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers aborted the attempted boarding and escaped empty handed.


General Cargo

16.03.2018: 0800 UTC:

Posn: 03:57.0N – 006:42.5E, Around 36nm SW of Bonny Island, Nigeria.

Armed pirates attacked and boarded a general cargo ship underway. Alarm raised and all crew retreated into the citadel. The Owners contacted the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre and requested for assistance. The Centre immediately informed the Nigerian Navy who dispatched patrol boats to assist the ship. The IMB PRC liaised with the Owners and the Navy on the incident. The Naval personnel boarded the ship. No pirates found onboard. The crew emerged from the citadel and sailed to a safe port along under the Naval personnel’s escort.


Product Tanker

20.02.2018: 0145 UTC:

Posn: 06:17N – 003:13E, Lagos Anchorage, Nigeria.

Duty AB onboard an anchored tanker noticed six robbers boarding and notified the OOW. Master informed, ship’s horn sounded, alarm raised and crew mustered in the citadel. The onboard Safety Advisor established communication with the Nigerian Navy patrol boat in the secure anchorage area and requested for immediate assistance. Upon hearing the alarm, the robbers escaped in their small black skiff. The patrol boat proceeded towards the tanker and tried to chase the speed boat. The crew emerged from the citadel. Upon investigation, the ullage caps of some oil tanks were found opened. Nothing reported stolen.


Refrigerated Cargo

09.02.2018: 0600 UTC:

Posn: 03:40N – 006: 45E, Around 48nm SSW of Bonny Island, Nigeria.

Heavily armed pirates attacked, fired upon and boarded a refrigerated cargo ship underway. A crew member was injured due to the firing. The pirates kidnapped four crew members, stole ships property and cash and escaped. The remaining crew sailed the ship to open seas.

For the latest reports go to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center

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