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MDAT GoG - Possible PAG - Large Fishing Vessel and 2 Skiffs, Gulf of Guinea #marsec #piracy


1. Category: SIGHTING

2. Description: The 29th at 07h00 UTC, A Merchant Vessel (MV) reported being approached by a Large fishing vessel(FV) in position 07°04N – 014°02W, not transmitting AIS. Two small skiffs were released from FV and approached the MV at speed. The MV used evasive manoeuvres and now the vessel and crew safe.

Vessels transiting the area are advised to exercise extreme caution.

3. Source: Reported to MDAT-GoG via phone call.

4. Any queries regarding this Advisory Notice ring 0033 298 22 88 88 for further


THIS ADVISORY is not classified as a Maritime Security Event and has not been verified by MDAT-GoG. This information is provided to inform maritime situational awareness for mariners operating in the region. MDAT-GoG is not responsible for the accuracy of this reporting.

MDAT-GOG Watchkeeper


Emergency Tel: +33(0) 298 22 88 88

See our free incident map here: ASKET Operations - Piracy; MarSec & Maritime Cyber Alerts 2018 Maps

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