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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec

1. UKMTO have issued one Warning, with an update, and one Advisory this week.

2. On 31 Mar 2018 a Merchant Vessel was approached to within 2 cables by 2 skiffs, each with 2 POB. Shots were fired at the vessel and the ship took measures in line with BMP4 and skiffs aborted their approach. See Advisory 003/MAR/2018 on page 3 for further details. Vessel and crew are SAFE.

3. On 03 Apr a Tanker in the Southern Red Sea reported an explosion which resulted in damage to her Starboard bow. The cause is still being investigated. The vessel was able to continue sailing and all crew are safe. See warning 001/APR/2018 and the subsequent update on page 3 for further details.

4. UKMTO are aware of numerous media reports concerning this incident. We have seen nothing to corroborate these reports and the notice UKMTO issued in August 2017 presently remains extant.

5. Covering this incident in paragraph 3, EUNAVFOR have released an industry Threat Bulletin (006), further details at the following link and MARAD issued an Alert at the following link

6. The next Maritime Information Exchange Vessel Operators’ Meeting (MIEVOM) will be held on Sunday 22 April 2018. Anyone who wishes further information please e mail their details to

7. The use of surveillance systems is growing. Article (a) gives a market overview and highlights the key players in that sector. 8. A former hostage of Somalian pirates now assists with training Somali Coast guard, more in article (b).

9. An Australian family describe the assistance they received when they thought they were under attack from pirates, reference article (c).

Download full report here

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