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Grab a Coffee & Test Your Knowledge Pre HRA Transit - BMP 4 - HRA Quiz! #marsec #piracy

BMP 4 Quiz

This quick Quiz designed and offered free to use by ASKET Ltd is designed for all those involved in vessels transiting through the High Risk Area (HRA), in particular Bridge Officers, watch keepers and Vessel Crew's allowing them to test their own knowledge and revise on Best Practices for their voyage.

With input from various authorities and organisations with links to useful documents and guidance the quiz includes questions relating to the ISPS code, BMP 4, reporting procedures, watch keeping, use of armed guards, and rules for the use of force. If you would like your own quiz designed for your company please let us know,

Start here, good luck: HRA BMP 4 Quiz

Word Version Now Available

After receiving several requests from fleet CSO's to provide a word version of our BMP 4 quiz we are delighted to now make it available for all.

Please e mail or call me 00971 555 806 531 to receive a word version or a copy for you to share by e mail.

Now with over 150 responses we are please to see participants from a wealth of backgrounds trying our quiz! Can your MASTER, SSO and crew answer these questions correctly?

  • When does BMP 4 recommend that should you register and report to UKMTO?

  • According to BMP 4 what should be carried out prior to transiting the High Risk Area by ship operators and Masters?

  • Which of the Following is most likely to be classed as a Suspicious Approach

  • If the Skiff presses an attack and approaches to attempt a boarding the Master should order:

  • Which comments best describe a citadel?

Recent CSO's Feedback

'Dear Emma Great Job on this quiz Is this quiz available to use offline?, as this will be an excellent tool to send to Vessel Masters to conduct a self-assessment prior to HRA transits.'

.................... 'Dear Emma, Thank you for the new version, a very useful tool.'

.................... 'Dear ASKET, This quiz be very helpful in raising the awareness of the vessels Master & Crew before the next transit.'


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