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Criminal Boarding in the Singapore Straits TSS @IMB_Piracy @ReCAAPisc @IMOHQ #piracy #marsec


Bulk Carrier


00:01 hrs

1°15.9' N, 104° 8.6' E

Approximately 4.7 nm northeast of Nongsa Point, Batam Island, Indonesia (eastbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) of Singapore Straits) While underway, the duty officer sighted four perpetrators in the engine room.

The master raised the alarm and mustered the crew. Realising that the crew had been alerted, the perpetrators escaped immediately. A search was conducted and there was no further sighting of the perpetrators and no item was reported lost.

The crew was not injured.

For details of the alerts please go to ASKET Operations Piracy & Alerts Chart 2018

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