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Office of Naval Intelligence ONI  - Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) Report #marsec #piracy #shipp

Office of Naval Intelligence - Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) Report

9 April - 9 May 2018

Table of Contents

1.Scope Note


3.Counter-Piracy and Maritime Crime Announcements and Advisories

4.Details: Monthly Incidents by Region

5.Appendix A: Further Contact Information and Resources

6.Appendix B: Terminology and References

1. (U) Scope Note

1. (U) The Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) message provides information on threats to merchant vessels, the shipping industry, and other maritime stakeholders worldwide in the last 30 days. This report is produced primarily to inform merchant mariners and naval forces.

2. (U) Warnings and Advisories:

2. (U) Warnings and Advisories: 1. (U) Maritime Advisory 2018-007-GPS Interference-Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Reference: U.S. Maritime Alerts 2018-004A and 2018-004B. Issue: Multiple instances of significant GPS interference have been reported by vessels and aircraft operating in the eastern Mediterranean Sea since 18 March 2018. These reports have been concentrated in the vicinity of Port Said, Egypt, the Suez Canal, and south of the Republic of Cyprus. This interference is resulting in lost or otherwise altered GPS signals affecting bridge navigation, GPS-based timing and communications equipment. Guidance: Exercise caution when transiting this area. The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center (NAVCEN) recently posted information regarding effective navigation practices for vessels experiencing GPS interference. The information reaffirms safe navigation practices when experiencing possible GPS disruption, provides useful details on reporting possible GPS disruption, and is intended to generate further discussions within the maritime community about other disruption mitigation practices and procedures. This guidance also recommends taking note of critical information such as the location (latitude/longitude), date/time, and duration of the outage/disruption, and providing photographs or screen shots of equipment failures during a disruption to facilitate analysis. The NAVCEN information is available at: Contact Information: GPS disruptions or anomalies should be immediately reported to the NAVCEN at or via phone at 703-313-5900, 24 hours a day. Cancellation: This message will automatically expire on 2 November 2018. 2. (U) Maritime Advisory 2018-006-Cyber Exploitation-Worldwide: Reference: U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) Alert TA18-106A - Russian state-sponsored cyber actors targeting network infrastructure devices (see Issue: US-CERT, the FBI, and the UK National Cyber Security Centre have issued a joint Technical Alert that provides information on the worldwide cyber exploitation of network infrastructure devices by Russian state-sponsored cyber actors. Guidance: U.S. maritime industry stakeholders are advised to thoroughly review and take appropriate action on US-CERT Alert TA18-106A at Additional cybersecurity resources are available at and Contact Information: Recipients who identify the use of tools or techniques discussed in USCERT Alert TA18-106A should report to the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) at or 888-282-0870 and to the FBI through a local field office or the FBI’s Cyber Division at or 855-292-3937. Cancellation: This advisory will automatically expire on 2 November 2018. 3. (U) Summary A. (U) MALAYSIA: On 8 May, authorities searched a small boat near Lahad Datu and found 89 containers carrying 10,000 explosives detonators. B. (U) PHILIPPINES: On 8 May, four members of a suspected Filipino kidnap-for-ransom group were shot and killed in the waters off Lahad Datu. C. (U) IRELAND: On 8 May, a teen stowaway was discovered in a truck at a stadium in Dublin after traveling from Calais, France, across the English Channel, through England and across the Irish Sea. D. (U) PHILIPPINES: On 7 May, Bureau of Customs (BOC) operatives have seized smuggled goods at the Port of Manila. E. (U) INDONESIA: On 6 May, robbers attempted to board a bulk carrier in Muara Berau Anchorage. F. (U) BANGLADESH: On 6 May, seven robbers attempted to board an anchored bulk carrier in Chittagong Alpha Anchorage. G. (U) NIGERIA: On 5 May, six pirates in a speedboat came alongside and attacked a bulk carrier underway 41 nm south of Brass. H. (U) PERU: On 5 May, three robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier in Callao Anchorage. I. (U) GUATEMALA: On 4 May, authorities intercepted M/V TIAMAT and escorted it to the port of Puerto Quetzal for a thorough search of the ship. During the search, 2.8 tons of cocaine were found. J. (U) AEGEAN SEA: On 4 May, a Greek Navy gunboat was nudged by a Turkish cargo vessel while on patrol for unauthorized migrant crossings in the Aegean Sea. K. (U) PERU: On 3 May, Peruvian authorities in Callao seized 400 kilograms of marijuana aboard the Portugal-flagged cargo ship EVER CONQUEST. L. (U) JAMAICA: On 3 May, the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) Coast Guard seized approximately 765 pounds of compressed marijuana when it intercepted a vessel off the coast of Westmoreland and detained three men: two locals and a Haitian. M. (U) GHANA: On 3 May, two robbers boarded an offshore supply vessel anchored in Takoradi Anchorage. N. (U) VIETNAM: On 3 May, the customs office at Port of Ho Chi Minh City seized 3.3 tons of pangolin scales illegally imported from Africa. UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED 3 O. (U) SURINAME: On 2 May, pirates attacked another fishing boat, killing at least one fisherman. P. (U) ITALY: On 2 May, authorities intercepted a small ship carrying 2.5 tons of marijuana near Brindisi. Four Albanian smugglers were arrested. Q. (U) TURKEY: On 1 May, a total of 89 kilograms of cocaine was seized at Istanbul's Ambarli Port. R. (U) MALAYSIA: On 1 May, Malaysian police intercepted a tanker with 131 Sri Lankans onboard believed bound for Australia and New Zealand. S. (U) HONDURAS: On 29 April, authorities seized 319 kilograms of cocaine on a Panama-flagged ship in Caribbean waters. T. (U) GHANA: On 29 April, robbers boarded a bulk carrier anchored in Takoradi anchorage. U. (U) INDONESIA: On 28 April, 3 robbers boarded a cargo vessel while at anchor near in Panjang Anchorage. V. (U) VENEZUELA: On 28 April, robbers attempted to board a bulk carrier anchored in Puerto Jose Anchorage. W. (U) VIETNAM: On 27 April, 3.8 tons of pangolin scales were seized in Cat Lai Port. X. (U) PHILIPPINES: On 24 April, two high speed craft approached an ore carrier underway 6 nm west-southwest of Bongao Island. Y. (U) COSTA RICA: On 24 April, Costa Rica’s National Coast Guard Service intercepted a vessel carrying 809 kilograms of cocaine near Punta Burica. Z. (U) INDIA: On 21 April, local authorities in the port of Colaba intercepted a boat carrying 8,300 liters of stolen fuel and arrested three men onboard. AA. (U) HONG KONG: On 19 April, customs officers seized nearly 24 tons of high-value Honduras rosewood. BB. (U) MEXICO: On 10 April, naval forces near Acapulco intercepted a vessel towing 67 packages containing a total of one ton of cocaine. CC. (U) FRENCH POLYNESIA: On 1 April, a catamaran was boarded while anchored in the atoll of Kauehi in the Tuamotu. 4. (U) Counter-Piracy and Maritime Crime Announcements A. (U) GULF OF ADEN: Government of Japan convoy schedule for May and June 2018. To apply for JMSDF escort, visit, please contact directly the Anti-Piracy Contact and Coordination Office, Maritime Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MILT), Japan: Tel: +81-3-5253-8932; Fax: +81-3-5253-1643. Email: (MSCHOA) B. (U) GULF OF ADEN: Chinese Navy convoy schedule for May and June 2018. For further information, please e-mail: or, or call Tel 00870 773 120 772. (MSCHOA) C. (U) GULF OF ADEN: Indian Navy convoy escort schedule for May and June 2018. To register, email:; or visit Telephone numbers for contact are: 91-22-22614646 or fax at 91- 22-22613636. (MSCHOA)

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