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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec @UKMTO

UKMTO have issued one Advisory (see page 3) and no Warnings this week.

1. On 30 May near Mogadishu Somalia, a vessel was approached by 6 skiffs. At 500m the Armed Security Team on board the ship identified weapons and fired 4 warning shots. The skiffs backed off but stayed in proximity for some time before leaving. The vessel and crew are safe.

2. Two media articles this week report that the number of piracy incidents recorded off the Horn of Africa doubled in 2017. What may be the underlying reasons behind this resurgence is discussed (articles a and c).

3. A statement released this week by the European Naval Force intelligence and security chief highlights that the threat to commercial shipping in the region is not just confined to piracy (d).

Download full report here

ASKET Operations - Piracy, MarSec & Maritime Cyber Alerts 2018 Maps

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