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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec @UKMTO

This week UKMTO have issued one Advisory (see page 3) and no Warnings.

1. A representative from the UNODC Global Maritime Crime Programme, announced that four hostages from the Iranian fishing vessel Siraj held in Somalia since March 2015, had been released. Four others still remain in captivity.

2. Despite the ongoing civil war in Yemen, many Africans are still risking their lives by crossing the Gulf of Aden in small boats to escape hardship in their own countries (a). However this traffic is not entirely one-way as many more return to escape the conflict (b).

3. The Maritime Security Transit Corridor (MSTC) linking the Internationally Recognised Transit Corridor (IRTC) and the Bab El Mandab TSS, is deterring pirate attacks says a report released this week by the Combined Military Force (CMF) (c). In another report, ships are warned that despite the onset of the SW Monsoon they should not become complacent to the threat posed by pirates in the region (d).

4. In the aftermath of the recent cyclones which hit the Gulf of Aden, the Indian navy has helped repatriate fishermen stranded on the island of Socotra (e).

Download full report here

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