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Industry Releasable Threat Bulletin

Industry Releasable Threat Bulletin (IRTB) 009 (to IRTA 1 Jun 181 )

Issued: 19 Jun 18

1. Foreword.

This IRTB has been written by EU NAVFOR and Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). It is intended to inform risk management decision making for shipping operators responsible for Merchant Vessels (M/V) that are transiting through the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden (GoA), Gulf of Oman (GoO) and the Western Indian Ocean.

2. Purpose.

The purpose of an Industry Releasable Threat Bulletin (IRTB) is to provide a specific update to industry on events that may require an interim update to the most recent Industry Releasable Threat Assessment. The information contained in the IRTBs will be incorporated into the IRTA at the next issue.

3. Incident/identifier.

Saudi-led Coalition (SLC) assault on Al Hudaydah and attacks associated with the conflict.

a. Point 1 – Location of Al Hudaydah.

b. Point 2 – Location of attack on the World Food Program chartered vessel VOS THEIA.

c. Point 3 – Estimated location of missile attack on SLC warship.

4. Date/time.

03 to 14 June 18 5. Location. Southern Red Sea (SRS)

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