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Is your PMSC still ISO 28007 Accredited are they still Financially Stable, are they cutting corners?

Through ASKETs unique position in the market we monitor many PMSCs across several fleets both ASKET Apporved Providers and others not approved by our team.

Our compliance team have observed several PMSC's who have struggled to remain financially stable and some that are taking risks in their procedures to remain competitive, this may effect legal compliance amongst other issues.

In recent times some have also lost or lapsed their ISO 28007 certification ( Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships (and pro forma contract) accreditation previously awarded by the UK Accreditation and Certification bodies.

This could be due to various issues of non-compliance as some in the industry continue to struggle and so cut corners to stay afloat, it is therefore important that those Vessel Operators contracting PMSC's continue to conduct due diligence so as not to endanger their vessels or crews.

Driving compliance for nearly 5 years ASKET is fully independent and as part of our free services PMSC's are audited annually and monitored and checked on each and every transit across our whole client fleet:

  • ISO Accreditation in date

  • Legality of weapons, licences, ownership and EUC's

  • Insurances valid and in date

  • GUARDCON Compliance

  • Equipment suitability

  • MSO's certification and documentation

  • Flag state approval

Our Broking, Compliance and Operations team work for you the ship operator for free.

Why not try our services today, contact with your requirement or request more information.

About us:

ASKET is the Worlds leading independent security brokerage providing professional services to Corporate Risk & QHSE Managers, Company Security Officers and Security Users.

Free to our Corporate & Shipping Clients - We save you time and cost, we know this as in a recent survey 86% of our clients said so!

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