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Onset of the SW Monsoon and the Effect on Pirate Activity #piracy #marsec

The Southwest Monsoon sets up in late Spring and lasts from June through to September and is created when southwesterly winds from the Indian Ocean cross onto land.

'This week the onset of the Southwest Monsoon begins to dominate the weather pattern over the Somali Basin and the Arabian Sea.

A series of lows and their associated troughs are scattered across the region and producing isolated areas of instability across the region with isolated rain showers and thunderstorms.' (ONI)

Traditionally this will see an small boat activity confined to the more sheltered waters in the IRTC, and away from open sea due to high sea states and high winds.


It is difficult for a small boat to maintain a chase speed into sea's with wave heights over approx 1.2m and will need to come from ahead or abeam to catch a medium speed vessel, coming alongside to board is made more difficult in sea's over 1.5 - 2m, and vessels can use the advantage of the larger sea states and wind speeds to provide more difficult boarding situations by turning into seas.

For more advice and guidance go to ASKET Free Resources Page

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