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Office of Naval Intelligence ONI  - Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) Report #marsec #piracy #shipp

Office of Naval Intelligence - Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) Report

18 June - 18 July 2018

Table of Contents

1.Scope Note


3.Counter-Piracy and Maritime Crime Announcements and Advisories

4.Details: Monthly Incidents by Region

5.Appendix A: Further Contact Information and Resources

6.Appendix B: Terminology and References

1. (U) Scope Note

1. (U) The Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) message provides information on threats to merchant vessels, the shipping industry, and other maritime stakeholders worldwide in the last 30 days. This report is produced primarily to inform merchant mariners and naval forces.

2. (U) Warnings and Advisories:

A. (U) 190900 UTC JULY IMB WARNING: To: All ships transiting Tawi Tawi/northeast Sabah waters /Celebes Sea / Sulu Sea / southern Philippines. WARNING. Planned kidnapping of ASG in /off Gulisan island, Sabah. Philippines intel received information that Sulu based ASG planning to conduct kidnapping activities in / off Gulisan Island, Sabah targeting foreigners or vessels at sea on any opportune time. As planned, ASG spotters in the area will guide the group in going to the said island during the execution of the kidnapping plan. Extreme caution is advised. This warning will be re-evaluated again on 02.08.2018. All ships are advised to maintain strict anti-piracy watch and take additional measures. Report all suspicious sightings and attacks to local authorities and to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre as per IMO cir 1334. IMB Piracy Reporting Centre 24-hour anti-piracy helpline+603 2031 0014, fax: +603 2078 5769, email:

B. (U) On 28 June, BMP4 was superseded by BMP5 (Best Management Practices 5). Please download it, if needed, via this link: (MSCHOA)

3. (U) Summary

A. (U) SPAIN: On 18 July, a group of possible migrants attacked the Great Britain-flagged general cargo ship CELTIC VENTURE as the ship bunkered in Cueta.

B. (U) GABON: On 17 July, the government of Gabon announced that it had arrested two China-flagged fishing trawlers on charges of illegal fishing.

C. (U) GUATEMALA: On 16 July, authorities from the National Police apprehended a small submarine, arresting 3 persons and confiscating 823 kilograms of cocaine.

D. (U) ITALY: On 12 July, the tug VOS THALASSA rescued 67 migrants off the coast of Libya. During the voyage, several of the migrants allegedly tried to hijack the tug so it wouldn't return them to Libya.

E. (U) FRANCE: On 1 July, a young man was arrested by authorities in the port of St Malo. He swam across the harbor and boarded the ferry CONDOR RAPIDE in an attempt to stowaway to the island of Jersey.

F. (U) PORTUGAL: On 21 June, authorities intercepted the British Virgin Island-flagged sailing yacht OGGI south of Faial in the Azores while transiting from the Caribbean. A search of the vessel revealed 1,400 kilograms of cocaine.tang.

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