google-site-verification: googlee9447d3b266da5de.html Possible Pirated Tanker - Warning - Gulf of Guinea #Marsec #Piracy

Possible Pirated Tanker - Warning - Gulf of Guinea #Marsec #Piracy

Please take good note of below email received from our local team in Pointe Noire and inform your vessels in the region :

** QUOTE**

Please be informed that during the port meeting, we receive an information from the harbor master to relay same to all ship’s owner in respect of the motor tanker Pantelena lost / pirated last 13.08.2018 coming from Libreville Gabon.

Recommendations :

inform all the vessel sailing thru gulf of guinea not to sail close to any unidentified vessel or motor tanker Pantelena.

Not to respond to any radio call coming from MT Pantelena, she is having untrusted crew on board (pirates) as from 13.08.2018

Any vessel which can see her has to inform the nearest port authorities.

Meanwhile we are expecting an official notice, we are requested to relay same to ship’s owners. Gabonese and Congo authorities are mutually working on the discovery of the above vessel.


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