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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2018 - Reported in Last 7 days #marsec #piracy @IMB_P

Incidents reported by the IMB in the last 7 days: (mostly late reports)



12.08.2018: 0622 UTC,

Posn: 24:05.9S - 046:17.4W, Santos Anchorage, Brazil.

Around four robbers boarded an anchored ro-ro ship using a rope attached to a hook and started opening the containers on deck. Duty crew noticed the robbers and raised the alarm and notified the authorities. Hearing the alarm, the robbers escaped without stealing anything. After berthing the local police and customs boarded for investigation.


Fishing Vessel

08.05.2018: 1800 UTC:

Posn: 04:55.12N – 119:06.70E, Around 10nm SSE of Felda Sahabat, Sabah, Malaysia.

Armed persons in a boat approached a group of fishing vessels at high speed. A Malaysian Marine Police boat in the vicinity noticed the approach and chased the boat resulting in the persons firing upon the Marine Police boat. In the ensuing exchange of fire four armed persons were killed. The Malaysian Marine Police indicated the intentions of the armed persons was to kidnap the fishermen for ransom.



10.08.2018: 1000 UTC:

Posn: Off Tambisan Island, NE of Sabah, Malaysia.

Several persons in speed boats boarded a tug towing a barge underway. The Crew locked all access into the tug and contacted the local authorities who dispatched a security boat. Due to the hardening of the tug the persons were unable to enter the accommodation and escaped when they noticed the security boat approaching. The tug continued her voyage to the next port. Crew reported safe.

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