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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy

Two events have been reported to MDAT-GoG this week.


Armed Robbery

ONNE Port Anchorage

At approximately 21014018UTC, a vessel was boarded at ONNE Port Anchorage. Four intruders boarded the vessel with weapons. Cans of Oil were stolen and the intruders left without entering the ship. Vessel and crew are SAFE.

MDAT-GOG comment: This event refers to Advisory 002/AUG/2018.


Missing Vessel

LIBREVILLE Port Anchorage

Reports indicate that the vessel has been located. Unconfirmed report that all crew and vessel are SAFE.

MDAT-GOG comment: This refer to Advisory 001/AUG/2018 Update 1 (SAR)

Contact the MDAT-GoG:


Phone : +33 (0) 2 98 22 88 88 (emergency)

Phone : +33 (0) 2 98 22 13 02 (exercise)

Phones and mail are monitored 24/7.

Download the full report here

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