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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec @UKMTO

UKMTO has issued no Advisories and no Warnings this week.

1. The calling notice for the UKMTO Maritime Information Exchange Vessel Operators Meeting (MIEVOM) was released this week. The event will take place in Dubai on 29 Nov 18 at the Dubai International Seafarers Centre (DISC) starting at 0830. Can I ask for confirmation of attendance to be sent to: .

2. There has been a recent increase in sightings by Maritime Patrol Aircraft of migrant boats transiting the Gulf of Aden and Southern Red. Despite the ongoing conflict in Yemen migrants primarily from countries in the Horn of Africa, are risking their lives in an attempt to find ‘better economic opportunities’ but are doing so in often overcrowded and unseaworthy vessels (Article a).

3. Although not directly targeted, the dangers posed to commercial shipping by the conflict in Yemen were again highlighted this week (b). Vessels should continue to mitigate against this risk by following the guidance given in BMP5.

4. For the first time, Gulf Nations command all three CMF Combined Task Forces (c).

5. International Liaison Officer, Lt Tiffany Duke RNZN, left UKMTO Dubai this week.

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