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ASKET to protect Astronauts and Space Tourists from Space Pirates #MarSec #Piracy

ASKET are in negotiations with both leading Space companies to look at options for protecting future missions against the threat of Space pirates.

From his electric car in Silicone Valley one CEO told us 'As we push the envelope and explore deeper into space the chance of being targeted becomes more and more of a reality, and after all our Astronauts are not not really trained to deal with this type of incident.'

The CEO of the leading space tourism company who didn't want to be named said from his Caribbean home, 'I was a bit of a Pirate myself once, so I can understand what may motivate these guys, we have to protect our exclusive clients'

Emma Biggs the Director of ASKET Ltd 'After nearly 6 years we are delighted to be the world leading and trusted Security Broking Company, and our flexibility and compliant approach means we work for clients to help ensure they get the best security solution for the best price'

For more information on protecting your self, your customers or your employees from Space Pirates, or indeed real criminals, cyber crime or sea pirates please contact ASKET Ltd, the worlds leading independent security broker.

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