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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2019 - Reported in Last 7 days #marsec #piracy @IMB_P

Incidents reported by the IMB in the last 7 days:



0215 UTC

Posn: 06:20.3N – 003:20.5E, Lagos Anchorage, Nigeria

Three robbers in a small craft approached and boarded an anchored tanker. Duty AB on routine rounds noticed the robbers near the cargo tank and notified the OOW. Alarm raised, PA announcement made and crew mustered. Hearing the alarm and seeing the crew alertness, the robbers jumped overboard along with their hose and escaped in their boat. The incident was reported to a naval patrol boat. Nothing reported stolen.



0330 UTC:

Posn: 10:17.0N – 064:42.2W, Puerto La Cruz Anchorage, Venezuela.

Duty Officer noticed on the CCTV one unauthorised person on the forecastle and raised the alarm. Hearing the alerted crew the robber escaped. A security search of the vessel showed ships properties stolen from the forecastle store.



2100 UTC

offshore Lagos, Nigeria.

Nine pirates armed with automatic weapons and a RPG boarded a tanker underway undergoing sea trials. Duty officer raised the alarm and crew took shelter. The pirates took hostage the duty officer and instructed all the crew members to come out of hiding. They damaged the navigation and all communication equipment, stole crew and ship property, locked the crew in one cabin and took the Master as hostage. On 09 Apr 2019, a Spanish Navy Warship tried to establish communication with the tanker.

On receiving no response the warship approached the tanker, resulting in the pirates escaping. The Master told the naval boarding team that they had been held hostage for four days. After investigations the naval boarding team disembarked. While continuing on the voyage the main engines were shut down due to overheating. The C/E noticed and ingress of water in the engine room, which was fixed.

Without communication equipment the taker was adrift for 12 days before being able to hails a fishing boat allowing the master to establish contact with the owners who arranged for the tanker to be towed to Ghana. The tanker arrived at Ghana anchorage on 22 April.



0700 UTC:

Posn: 12:01S – 077:13W, Callao Anchorage, Peru.

Unnoticed, robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier and escaped with ship’s stores. The theft was noticed by the duty crew during routine rounds. Port Control informed.


This incident will not be included in the IMB statistics.


0900 UTC; Posn: 01:03S – 048:42E,

Around 270nm SE of Mogadishu, Somalia.

A fishing vessel underway was approached by two suspicious small boats. The Captain noticed the boats did not belong to his fishing group and raised the alarm. Other nearby fishing vessels responded and chased the suspicious boats away.



0535 UTC: Posn: 03:47.6N – 077:14.3W,

Buenaventura Channel, Colombia.

A boat with around eight to 10 persons approached a container ship under pilotage and attempted to board via the rigged pilot ladder. Duty lookout noticed the boat and raised the alarm. Crew mustered near the pilot ladder resulting in the boat aborting and moving away. The pilot notified the coast guard and a patrol boat was dispatched to investigate.



1330 UTC:

Posn: Bonny Outer Anchorage, Nigeria.

An anchored tanker was boarded by unauthorised persons who kidnapped six crew and escaped. Remaining crew reported safe. Nigerian navy notified and investigations are ongoing.



2022 UTC: Posn: 13:44N – 121:02E,

Batangas Anchorage, Philippines.

Duty crew on routine rounds noticed a robber near the forecastle and raised the alarm. Crew mustered and approached the forecastle. Seeing the alerted crew, the robber escaped with stolen ships stores. On investigating it was reported that the robber gained access via the anchor chain. Incident reported to coast guard.

For the latest reports go to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center

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