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ReCAAP ISC Weekly Report #piracy #marsec @ReCAAPISC


During 21-27 May 19, one Category 21 incident and one Category 42 incident of armed robbery against ships in Asia were reported to ReCAAP ISC.

This is the first Category 2 incident reported in 2019 which involved the crew being held hostage by perpetrators armed with knives; and cash and personal effects of the crew were stolen. Both incidents occurred in Indonesia.

Category 2 incident occurred approximately 4 nm east of Pulau Mapur on 13 May 19 and Category 4 incident occurred at Lubuk Gaung anchorage in Dumai on 11 May 19. The location of the incidents is shown in the map below; and detailed descriptions are tabulated in attachment.

Bulk carrier

11/05/19 1800 hrs

1° 42.76' N, 101° 26.62' E Lubuk Gaung Anchorage, Dumai, Indonesia

While at anchor, the 3rd Engineer of the bulk carrier discovered that the spare part room in the main engine room had been broken into. Some engine spares were stolen. The master raised the alarm and a search was conducted. The crew was not injured

The crew was not injured. Spare part room in the main engine room was broken into and some engine spares were stolen.

(Category 4)

General cargo ship

13/05/19 0210 hrs

1° 0.1' N, 104° 54.8' E Approximately 4 nm east of Pulau Mapur, Indonesia

While underway, four perpetrators armed with long knives boarded the general cargo ship. The perpetrators entered the cabins of the master and an A/B; and tied them up. The perpetrators stole cash and personal effects of the master and A/B; cut the Inmarsat Telephone line and escaped.

The perpetrators tied the master and an A/B. They also cut the Inmarsat Telephone line. Cash and personal effects of master and A/B were stolen.

(Category 2)

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