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Please Support Heidmar on the 24 Peaks Challenge Raising Money for Seafarers UK

6-7th July 2019: A team from Heidmar UK are taking part in the 24 Peaks Challenge to raise funds for Seafarers UK.

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The Seafarers UK 24 Peaks Challenge is to climb 24 peaks in the Lake District, all over 2,400 feet, in 24 hours. The course is 31 miles long and includes Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England. Over two days the teams will take in some of the most stunning countryside in Cumbria, including rivers, moorland, farms and forest. All participants will need to be physically fit – but more than that they will need determination, self-belief and team spirit to get them to the finish line!

Whilst we will definitely suffer discomfort over the course of the challenge, early mornings and very little sleep, this is nothing compared to some of those individuals in the wider maritime community. Seafarers UK protects individuals and their families within the Merchant Navy, fishing fleets, Royal Navy and Royal Marines who face dangers on a daily basis. Seafarers provides vital support to seafarers in need and their families as well as those training for a career at sea’’

This year there are 8 teams competing, the team from Heidmar will be:

Matt Bailey - Team Capt

Deepak Laishram

David Lockwood

James Pippard

Sam Robin

David Speakman

Seafarers UK is the leading grant-making charity that has been helping people in the maritime community for over 100 years, by providing vital funding to support seafarers in need and their families. The charity supports organisations and projects that make a real difference to people's lives across the Merchant Navy, Fishing Fleets, Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

As an ‘island nation’ the UK depends on its seafarers to defend its shores, trade with other countries and import essential fuel and food. The job of a seafarer is therefore vital, but also demanding and hazardous with a much greater chance of injury than many other professions. A large number of those serving will be facing problems of very different kinds; long periods of separation from friends and family, extended periods of duty, fatigue, and working heavy machinery whilst being exposed to harsh weather. Such dangers and difficulties can lead to disability, depression, debt, relationship breakdown, homelessness or even death. Seafarers UK's funding enables seafarers to access advice and information, adapt to life on shore, re-train and find new employment. It also improves their quality of life by helping to provide the essentials of daily living that a small pension (or none) cannot cover. Often it may be the family of a seafarer who has been injured, held hostage or who has subsequently died that require assistance. Because Seafarers UK works closely with all of the organisations that support seafarers and their dependants, the charity can target donations where they will make the biggest difference.

In 1917, a new charity for the maritime community was established. Such was the impact of so many seafarers who had been maimed or lost at sea during the Great War that the King was prepared to give his name to this new charity, and so it became the King George’s Fund for Sailors. In 2005 King George's Fund for Sailors changed its name to Seafarers UK.

Seafarers UK receives no government funding and relies on donations and fundraising to be able to carry on providing long-term aid. Without this, there simply wouldn't be the level of support it is able to provide today and that each year gives hope and help to over 160,000 seafarers and their families when they need it most.

How Can you help?

Please donate via Just Giving here

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