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MDAT GoG - Vessel Hijacked Douala Anchorage Cameroon - crew members taken #piracy #marsec




On the 15th August 2019 at 0239Z, whilst anchored in DOUALA anchorage, CAMEROON, a merchant vessel (NAME WITHHELD) reportedly sent a distress call on VHF 16. The MAYDAY was received by vessels nearby who raised the alarm by phone to MDAT. Shortly after the event, the vessel did not respond to calls on VHF16. The CAMEROON NAVY’s patrol boat was sent to the location.

MDAT GoG comment : This event took place at the same time and location of the event related in WARNING 001/AUG/19 no new warning or update was sent

MDAT-GOG Watchkeeper


Emergency Tel: +33(0) 298 22 88 88

IMB Note: The Cameroon navy dispatched a patrol boat. When the crew emerged from hiding, it was reported that eight crew members were missing. Investigations are on-going.

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