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IFC - Information Fusion Centre - MARSEC Weekly Report 19 Oct – 25 Oct 2019

Highlights :

  • PIRACY / ROBBERY / MARITIME TERRORISM: : no event reported this week > 7 events reported in October within the IFC area of ​​responsibility (including 5 in the approaches of Singapore Strait), as much as in 2018. The curfew in the Sulawesi / Sulu seas is still in effect until November 7th. No action is to be deplored this week despite repeated ESSCOM warnings. The target remains foreign tourists and the risk of attack / kidnapping in the coming days remains STRONG;

  • ILLEGAL FISHING: 14 cases of illegal fishing reported to IFC, amounting to 62 total cases of illegal fishing in October alone (against only 30 in October 2018), in 3 main areas: Sri Lanka, South Korea and SW area of ​​the South China Sea (see "fishing" map below).

Illegal fishing activities October 2019 (main areas of illegal fishing in white circles) : Incidents that occurred in the Strait of Singapore since January 1, 2019 (incident reported in this last report are in white circle):

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