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IFC - Information Fusion Centre - MARSEC Monthly Report - November 2019



In Novembre 2019, the IFC recorded 8 incidents: 2 sea thefts and 6 attempted actions (statistics slightly up from those of Novembre 2018 (5) but down sharply from Octobre 2017 (15)).

84 incidents have been recorded by IFC between 01/01/19 and 30/11/19.

Some informations :

  • 5 of the 8 incidents were ship underway - 3 were anchored / berthed;

  • 4 of the 8 incidents occurred on Tanker, 3 on Bulk Carrier and one on Barge;

  • All incidents occurred by night;

  • Location of incidents (see map below):

  • 5 of the 8 incidents occurred in the Straits of Singapore, all on ships underway ;

  • 3 were held respectively in Indonesia (Belawan x 1) and Philippines (Batangas x 2), all on ships berthed/anchored.

  • Three areas of interest:

  • Singapore Strait and approaches: stable trend / octobre, with 5 events more in Novembre;

  • Sulu Sea: The terrorist group Abu Sayyaf and other criminal groups constantly threaten to target slow targets with low freeboard (tugs, small tankers, fishing vessels) for ransom. No report of abduction of crew in the Sulu-Celebes Seas and waters off Eastern Sabah reported the last month. However, the abduction of crew for ransom in the Sulu-Celebes Seas and waters off Eastern Sabah remains a serious concern with a few warnings from the Sabah and Philippines authorities (« The group has been preparing to go out to sea using one speedboat painted grey and green, powered by two 40-HP Yamaha engines »). Vessels within a 100 nautical mile radius should increase their anti-piracy deterrents in line with Best Management Practice 5. This should include increased twenty-four-hour anti-piracy watch keeping and radar monitoring - stable trend / octobre;

  • Surroundings of the Anambas Archipelago: one incident every three or four months, but with some degree of violence, probably committed by a local gang of pirates (last incident 22/07/2019) - decreasing trend.


Only three incidents reported in November, important decrease compared to the previous years. The largest number of migrants this month is associated with the Rohingya attempting to migrate to Malaysia.


41 illegal activities were reported.

Illegal fishing has increased significantly compared to the previous years (+ 35% / 2018, + 95% / 2017). The number of Poaching IUU Fishing incidents recorded for Nov 2019 (10) has increased of 100% compared to the same period in 2018 (Vietnam and India flagged vessels contributed to 70% of these incidents).

As during the last month, 3 areas are mainly concerned by these illegal activities :

- Sri Lanka - South Korea - Sulu Sea

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