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West Africa: Possible Mother-Vessel

Image: Determination 2 - Marine Traffic

Dryad Global - 28/12/2019 19:41,

West Africa: Possible Mother-Vessel (Update)

Following the two failed attacks on the tanker ISTANBUL on the 24th December, two speedboats were seen heading towards a vessel believed to be acting as a mother-vessel. The mother-vessel was described as a chemical tanker with an orange / red hull. Dryad Comment: Dryad Global in partnership with have identified the MT DETERMINATION 2 IMO 820104 as being the vessel suspected of providing support to deep offshore piracy operations. Dryad Assessment: Dryad assess that there is a realistic possibility that the DETERMINATION 2 was acting in support of the pirates who attacked the ISTANBUL. The Togo flagged vessel has an intermittent AIS history with satellite imagery indicating clocked operations east of the Nigerian EEZ. Whilst hostile intent has not been proven, all vessels are advised to conduct avoiding action and report all sightings of this vessel to

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