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MDAT GoG (West Africa) Weekly Piracy Report #marsec #piracy

Three events have been reported to MDAT-GoG this week.

Maritime Crime Activity


15TH January 2020

Banjul anchorage, GAMBIA

On arrival in Banjul Gambia from San Pedro Ivory Coast Stowaway discovered a tug (NAME WITHHELD) who was underway with a barge (NAME WITHHELD) in tow. On arrival in Gambia we discovered a stowaway on the unmanned barge. NOT seen during towage of barge on 800 mtr towing length for almost 12 days. Formalities informed in Banjul,

They took care of the man and repatriated him back to his country of origin, Ghana. Man foreseen with food, water and clean clothes. Most probably came on board by kano outside port of San Pedro after inspection by Bargemaster who went of the barge at departure.

MDAT-GOG Comment: Nil

Suspicious approach

15th January 2020

Douala anchorage CAMEROON

On 15th january at 0424Z, as she was anchored in DOUALA inner anchorage in position 03°54’19N 009°33’15E, a tanker (NAME WITHHELD) was approached. The suspicious boat (red hull) and manned by 4 persons, initially made an approach towards the starboard side , amidships of the tanker. Upon seeing the security guard, the boat changed course towards the stern of the vessel.

The security guard made a number of attemps to signal to the boat to stop approach without success. The security guard then fired a warning shot resulting in the boat aborting its approach. Cameroon navy guard was informed of the incident. The vessel and the crew were reported safe.

MDAT-GOG Comment: Nil


16th January 2020

200/50nm from Bonny, NIGERIA

On 16 JAN 2020 at 2057 UTC in position 03 38.0N 006 40.2E a small craft attacked a tanker vessel (NAME WITHHELD). Five pirates were spotted onboard the skiff and tried to board to the merchant vessel. As the pirate boat came alongside the vessel, the armed guards on board opened warning fire. The intruders then fled away. During attack the vessel activated "SSAS" and "DISTRESS" alerts.

The crew and the security team were reported safe. The vessel proceeded to CALABAR port at full speed.

MDAT-GOG Comment: this event refers to Advisory 001/JAN/20

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