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IMSC Bridge Card and Guidance

Current guidance issued by the International Maritime Security Construct (IMSC) (Supplied via UKMTO)

If boarding attempted, industry best pratice:

• Manoeuvre away from danger

• Report to UKMTO - as above

• Use of the Citadel within a TSS is to be carefully considered

• If persistent - do not endanger your vessel or your people - slow down and allow to board


The IMSC works alongside existing reporting mechanisms.

Vessels should continue to report to UKMTO in the VRA as designated by chart Q6099/6111; in addition, should provide to UKMTO:

• ETA at the Suez Canal

• ETA at the start of the Bab el-Mandeb Strait Traffic Separation Scheme

• ETA at the start of the Strait of Hormuz Traffic Separation Scheme UKMTO will inform IMSC;

IMSC will pass to warships / aircraft which will provide surveillance and assurance to you in critical chokepoints, and deterrence to those intent on malign activity.


• Keep AIS on

• Transit chokepoints at best speed

• Avoid Strait of Hormuz Western TSS

• Avoid TTW where possible

• Private Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) should not be used as a risk mitigation measure in these waters Reference: media/041/2019-07-03-industry-guidance.pdf

• Refer to latest BMP (currently BMP5)

Download Brochure/ Bridge Card here

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