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ReCAAP ISC Weekly Report #piracy #marsec @ReCAAPISC


During 4-10 Feb 20, three incidents of armed robbery against ships (comprising two CAT 3 1 incidents and one CAT 42 incident) were reported to ReCAAP ISC. Of the three incidents, two incidents (one CAT 3 and one CAT 4) occurred to a bulk carrier and a tanker while underway off Nongsa Point, Pulau Batam, Indonesia in the eastbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) in the Singapore Strait. With these two incidents, a total of six incidents have been reported in the Singapore Strait since January 2020, all in the eastbound lane of the TSS.

The ReCAAP ISC issued an Incident Alert (IA 03/2020) on these incidents on 9 February. The third incident (CAT 3) occurred on board a tug boat while anchored at Martabari Anchorage, Bangladesh. The location of the three incidents is shown in the map below; and detailed description tabulated in the attachment.

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