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UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report #piracy #marsec @UKMTO

1. On 8 Mar 2020, UKMTO issued ADVISORY NOTICE 003/MAR/2020 following reports of suspicious approaches by multiple skiffs to merchant vessels in the area between the Southern entrance to the Bab el Mandeb strait and Point A of the IRTC. The crews and vessels involved are safe. Historically there is an upsurge in fishing activity throughout the region at this time of year which could account for the increase in reports of sightings of small craft particularly in the IRTC. In line with current information ship’s crews are advised to remain alert and follow guidance given in BMP5 when transiting the region.

2. CMF/EUNAVFOR issued an Industry Releasable Threat Bulletin 018 on 10 Mar 2020, the IRTB can be viewed at (login required).

3. EUNAVFOR appointed a new Force Commander for Operation ATALANTA, Op ATALANTA contributes to the deterrence, prevention and suppression of piracy off the Somali coast. Rear Admiral Villenueva Serrano assumes command from 17 Mar 2020.

Download the full UKMTO report here

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