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IMB ICC Live Piracy & Armed Robbery Report 2020 - Reported in Last 7 days #marsec #piracy @IMB_P

Incidents reported by the IMB since the last report:


05.03.2020: 0730 UTC:

Posn: 05:22.2N – 001:36.0E, Around 49nm SE of Lome, Togo.

Master onboard a product tanker underway noticed a skiff on a parallel course. On altering her course, the skiff was seen altering course also and approaching the tanker. Alarm raised and the non-essential crew members mustered in the citadel. As the skiff closed in, ten persons were noticed in the skiff. A weapon was observed in the skiff as well. The Master increased speed and commenced evasive manoeuvres, resulting in the skiff aborting the approach. Vessel and crew safe.


13.03.2020: 1310 UTC:

Posn: 03:55.50N – 098:46.30E, Belawan Anchorage, Indonesia.

Duty watchman onboard an anchored container ship noticed an armed robber on the forecastle. He immediately informed the duty officer who sounded the alarm. Hearing the alarm and seeing the alerted crew, the robber escaped by boat. A second robber was spotted escaping via the anchor chain. Crew mustered and a search was carried out. Nothing reported stolen.


15.03.2020: 2030 UTC:

Posn: 01:10.9N – 103:26.0E, Singapore Straits.

Three robbers armed with crowbar and pipes boarded a bulk carrier underway. The engine crew noticed the robbers and managed to lock them inside the engine room workshop. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Two accomplices in a skiff tried to approach the vessel but were repelled by the crew. Singaporean and Indonesian Authorities notified. Two Indonesian Authority armed guards boarded the vessel and arrested the three robbers.


13.03.2020: 0815 UTC:

Posn: 12:01.6S - 077:16.4W, Callao Anchorage, Peru.

Nine robbers, in three small boats, came alongside and boarded an anchored reefer ship. They took hostage three crew members, tied them up and assaulted them. Alarm raised. Seeing the alerted crew, the robbers escaped with stolen ship's stores. During the incident, two crew members received injuries. The incident reported to Port Authorities.


11.03.2020: 2100 UTC:

Posn: 06:04.95N – 125:11.96E, General Santos Harbour Anchorage, Philippines.

Duty officer and duty A/B on board an anchored tanker noticed some movements on the forecastle and raised the alarm. Hearing the alerted crew, the persons escaped. Incident reported to Port Control. A search was carried out. The padlock to the Bosun store was reported broken. Nothing reported stolen.

For the latest reports go to the IMB Piracy Reporting Center

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