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IFC - Information Fusion Centre - MARSEC Weekly Report

1. Highlights 


Events reported last week

  • 4 events of sea theft reported last week (32 incidents since the start of the year compared to 15 at the same date in 2019);

  • 2 of 4 incidents were on ship underway - 2 on ship anchored;

  • Location of incidents (see white point below):

  • underway off the Anambas Islands (Indonesia);

  • at anchor in Johor (Malaysia);

  • at anchor in Manila (Philippines);

  • underway in Singapore Strait.

Dangerous areas identified regarding Piracy 

  • Singapore Strait : 21 incidents in 2017, 20 in 2018, 45 in 201912 in 2020  ;

  • Sulu Sea : constant threat from the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf and other criminal groups that are targeting slow-moving targets with a low freeboard (i.e. tugs, small tanker, heavy-load carriers) in order to kidnap seafarers for ransom. Due to the three neighboring countries action, the maritime security situation has improved with only five kidnapping (11/09/2018, 05/12/2018, 13/06/19, 23/09/19, 18/01/20) in the past 18 months. The last incident occurred on 16/01/2020 with a kidnapping at sea against five fishermen on a fishing vessel. Request of a 580 000 $ of ransom by ASG still in progress.

  • Some identified anchorage areas : 

  • Indonesia : Batam, Begawan, Belawan, Dumai, Panjang, Sandakan, Samarinda and Taboneo;

  • Philippines : Manille, Batangas, General Santos Harbour;

  • Bangladesh : Chittagong;

  • India : Kakinada, Alang

Singapore strait transit protection measures :

  • Take a previous contact before any transit in Singapore strait (sectors 7 to 9) with Singaporean authorities and timely reporting any suspicious activity : ;

  • Increase vigilance in watch-keeping and deploy additional lookout ;

  • Be wary of suspicious small boats approaching. Take photo of the suspicious boat and send to me as soon as possible ;

  • Use CCTV cameras for coverage of vulnerable areas (if available) ;

  • Keep ship's whistle, search lights and fog horn ready for immediate use ;

  • Secure or lift external ladders to prevent their use and to restrict external access to the bridge ;

  • Deploy Self-Protection Measures (SPM) eg. Rig the water spray hoses and foam monitors in a fixed position. Evasive manoeuvres have also been proven to deter perpetrators in the areas of concern ;

  • Secure all doors and hatches providing access to the accommodation and machinery spaces ;

  • Rig safety precautionary measures on the anchor cable hawse pipe while anchored.


  • Seven vessels were engulfed in flames in a fire that broke out in the harbour of Mahibandhoo, Maldives. Investigations are underway. If the attack was claimed by supporters of the Islamic State organization, authorities are rather oriented towards the thesis of reprisals emanating from drug traffickers;

  • Six fishermen were injured in a confrontation the Myanmar Navy after illegally fishing in Myanmar waters;

  • 15 Rohingya refugees died after a boat capsized off St Martin's Islands, Bangladesh, after going aground. Local authorities rescued 77 people and 40 people are still missing ; IUU The Indonesia Maritime and Fisheries Resources Supervision apprehended 3 Malaysian-flagged vessels off Sungai Besar, Malacca Strait, 2 Vietnamese-flagged vessels in the North Natuna Sea and 3 Philippines-flagged vessels in the Sulawesi Sea. CONTRABAND The Sri Lankan Navy seized a vessel containing 281kg of heroin and 48kg of meth off the shores of Sri Lanka - seven suspects were taken into naval custody. - ILLEGAL MIGRATION

  • Malaysian authorities prevented 199 Rohingyas in a boat from entering the country off Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia;

  • Indonesian authorities detained 47 migrants workers for illegal entry into the territory through the illegal port in Nongsa waters, Indonesia;

  • Bangladesh Coast Guard rescued 396 refugees floating in a large boat in the country's territorial waters after two months at sea, but 32 people were died onboard;

  • 132 migrants going from Bangladesh to Malaysia had their boat capsized off St Martin's Islands. 15 died, 40 missing and 77 were rescued by local authorities.

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