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IFC - Information Fusion Centre - MARSEC Weekly Report

1. Highlights:


  • No robbery/piracy/MT event reported the last week;

  • Total events in 2020: 93 incidents since the beginning of the year in IFC area of responsibility (compared to 69 at the same date in 2019);

  • Areas of interest:

  • Singapore Strait (and in vicinity): 21 incidents in 2017, 20 in 2018, 45 in 201932 in 2020;

  • Sulu Sea:

  • Seven members of Abu Sayyaf group were killed in a clash with government troops in the Sulu Sea on 03 Nov;

  • No successful kidnapping of merchant vessels in this area since the attack on SUPER SHUTTLE TUG 1 in March 2017, but the latest maritime event was on a fishing vessel in January 2020. It is more likely that small craft, fishing vessels and local merchant vessels operating near the Sulu archipelago, from the southern area of ​​the Sulu Sea off Sabah to Zamboanga, will be primarily targeted considering the current destabilization of ASG groups by the Philippine army. However, any transit of a vessel with low freeboard and / or low speed in this area is still considered as highly dangerous.

  • Following anchorage areas:

  • Bangladesh: Chittagong;

  • India: Kakinada, Alang;

  • Indonesia: Anyer, Batam, Begawan, Belawan, Dumai, Merak, Muara Berau, Panjang, Sandakan, Samarinda, Taboneo and Tanjung Uban;

  • Philippines: ManilaBauan/Batangas, General Santos Harbour ;

  • Vietnam: Campha,  Ho Chi Minh, Vung Tau.


  • Reminder  - about 400-600 Rohingyan illegal migrants left Cox's Bazaar Bangladesh, Oct 6th, and are expected in Andaman Sea / North of Malacca Strait now. Highly possible that the Rohingya boats could reach Malaysian coast from middle of November 2020;

-  IUU

  • Oct 29: Indonesian authorities detained two vietnamese fishing vessels and arrested 25 foreign fishermen for encroaching off Riau Islands, Indonesia; 

  • Oct 31: Indonesian authorities arrested two malaysian fishing vessels that were fishing illegally in Indonesian waters around Malacca Straits;


  • Oct 29: Hong Kong authorities seized over half a ton of methamphétamine on a containership sailing to Australia;

  • Nov 05: Sri-Lankan authorities arrested two suspects attempting to smuggle about 213kg of Kerala cannabis worth over US$851,581;


  • Oct 31: 3 South Koreans were killed and 19 others were injured after their fishing boat collided with a bridge pier on the South-Korea west coast;

  • Nov 02: A container went adrift and ran aground due to strong winds by the typhoon Goni.

Download the IFC Report here

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