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IFC - Information Fusion Centre - MARSEC Weekly Report

1. Highlights:


  • Five robbery events were reported the last week (4 sea thefts and 1 attempted action), with 3 events in the same night Eastbound lane of TSS, Singapore Strait:

  • 30 Oct - Sea Theft/ HANYANG/ Bulk Carrier/ Singapore Flagged/ Underway/ Off Saigon River, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam;

  • 03 Nov – Sea Theft/ CAPE MARTIN/ Container Ship/ Cyprus Flagged/ Anchored/ Vung Tau Anchorage, Vietnam (3rd event in 2020);

  • 09 Nov - Sea Theft/ LEFKADA/ Bulk Carrier/ Liberia Flagged/ Underway/ Eastbound lane of TSS, Singapore Strait;

  • 09 Nov - Attempted Action/ ATLANTIC DIANA/ Bulk Carrier/ Panama Flagged/ Underway/ Eastbound lane of TSS, Singapore Strait;

  • 08 Nov - Sea Theft/ ZENO/ Tanker/ Liberia Flagged/ Underway/ Eastbound lane of TSS, Singapore Strait;

  • Total events in 2020: 98 incidents since the beginning of the year in IFC area of responsibility (compared to 72 at the same date in 2019);

  • Areas of interest:

  • Singapore Strait (and in vicinity):

  • 21 incidents in 2017, 20 in 2018, 45 in 201935 in 2020;

  • It remains highly possible that some groups from the islands of Batam and Bintan intended to board merchant ships (mainly but not exclusively oil tankers and bulk carriers) at low speed and reduced freeboard in the Singapore Strait overnight during the next 3 months. These perpetrators will most likely operate in small gangs in one or two sampans and will likely be armed with knives, crowbars, or guns. However, it remains unlikely that these authors intended to use them against the crew;

  • Sulu Sea: It is more likely that small craft, fishing vessels and local merchant vessels operating near the Sulu archipelago, from the southern area of ​​the Sulu Sea off Sabah to Zamboanga, will be primarily targeted considering the current destabilization of ASG groups by the Philippine army. However, any transit of a vessel with low freeboard and / or low speed in this area is still considered as highly dangerous;

  • Following anchorage areas:

  • Bangladesh: Chittagong;

  • India: Kakinada, Alang;

  • Indonesia: Anyer, Batam, Begawan, Belawan, Dumai, Merak, Muara Berau, Panjang, Sandakan, Samarinda, Taboneo and Tanjung Uban;

  • Philippines: ManilaBauan/Batangas, General Santos Harbour ;

  • Vietnam: Campha,  Ho Chi Minh, Vung Tau.


  • Nov 06: A cargo ship suffered water ingress and sunk off Quang Nam, Vietnam, leaving 1 crew missing ;

  • Nov 06: A fishing vessel hit a wreck and sunk off Muara Angke Port, North Jakarta, Indonesia  and one off the crew died on board after being hit by shifting cargo;

  • Nov 07: A fishing vessel collided with another fishing vessel off Pangkalan Brandan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, leaving 1 crew dead and 1 crew missing.

Download the IFC Report here

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