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MDAT GoG - Pirate Action Group off Cotonou, BENIN

PAG off Cotonou, BENIN

Incident Type: - e. PAG - Pirate Action Group

Region: - Gulf of Guinea

Authority/ Reported By: - MDAT GoG


Time:- 14:30

Position: - 05°21N - 002°37E


BOARDING 24/06/2020 175/60NM off Cotonou, BENIN On the 24th June at approximately 1430UTC, a FV (NAME WITHHELD) was boarded in position 05°21N - 002°37E by an unknown number of attackers and two skiffs were seen in the vicinity. Earlier the same day, this FV (NAME WITHHELD) had a suspicious approach perpertrated by two skiffs but succeed to escape them.

It seemed that the two events were done by the same group of attackers. The Beninese authorities dispatched a patrol boat in order to assist and secure the FV (NAME WITHHELD). MDAT-GOG comment: This event was reported time late

MDAT-GOG Watchkeeper


Emergency Tel: +33(0) 298 22 88 88

ASKET Piracy Map

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