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MDAT GoG Warning - Vessel Boarded by 7 Pirates

Updated: May 25, 2020

Vessel Boarded

Incident Type: - d. Criminal Boarding

Region: - Gulf of Guinea

Authority/ Reported By: - MDAT GoG


Time:- 17:34

Position: - 02°15N, 005°09E



1. Category: BOARDING

2. Description: on 20th May at 17:34 UTC in position 02°15N – 005°09E, (206°/134nm off Brass, NIGERIA) a vessel was boarded.

The Nigerian Navy dispatched a vessel to the area.

The boarding is now over. The Crew and Vessel are safe.

3. Source: Local authorities

WARNING 001/MAY/2020

1. Category: BOARDING

2. Description: A vessel has been boarded. The last known position was 02°15N – 005°09E (206°/134Nm off Brass, NIGERIA) on 20th May at 17:34 UTC. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution in this area.

3. Source: Local authorities

4. Any queries regarding this Warning Notice ring 0033 298 22 88 88 for further information.

MDAT-GOG Watchkeeper


Emergecy Tel: +33(0) 298 22 88 88



20.05.2020: 1730UTC:

Posn : 02:14.5N – 005:03.7E: around 142NM SW of Brass, Nigeria.

Seven heavily armed pirates attacked and boarded a general cargo ship underway. The crew retreated into the citadel and contacted the owners and IMB PRC. The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre immediately started liaising with the Nigerian Authorities and requested for assistance. Two Nigerian Naval vessels responded. By the time the naval vessels arrived near the ship, the pirates had disembarked. The crew emerged from the citadel and the Naval vessels remained alongside the ship until daylight to ensure safety and security.

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