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Merlin Global Maritime Weekly MarSec Brief

SUMMARY Monthly overview – July 2020 In July 2020 there was only 12 reported incidents whilst in the same period 2019 there was 23 reported incidents.     

Whilst this appears to be a reduction, 2020 YTD has seen nearly 200 reported indents which is a nearly a 30% increase on same period in 2019.

This would point to a reduction in incidents in the short term due as a knock on from COVID-19.       YTD the increase is mainly in the WAF region, where in 2019 the incidents where in the main closer inshore within the Nigerian EEZ, however 2020 these have spread much further offshore and whilst the effective use of Security Escort Vessels are a major impact on this, they are unable to be used further offshore and so additional mitigations and voyage planning's need to be made to ensure vessels can continue to call in the region safely.     WAF No incidents to report in the last 7 days.   


Last incident was the boarding and hijacking of the crew of the CURACAO TRADER, 230nm South of Lagos.   As per the monthly review incidents are more prevalent offshore Nigerian EEZ in a crescent from Lomé to Sao Tome.     

There is a possible need for additional mitigations particular off Bonny, Brass and Malabo.      IOR No reported incidents in the last 7 days.   

The Gulf of Aden still has a higher risk profile than other areas with the IOR, however there are still political tensions in the region, Gulf of Oman and the Straits of Hormuz as well as the ongoing civil war in Yemen that causes security issues in the region.     LIBYA According to information received from our local correspondents in Libya, the situation in the Libyan oil export terminals that were placed under force majeure by Libya's National Oil Corporation's (NOC) in January 2020 remains unchanged. The port situation in Libya as at 16 June 2020 is reported to be as follows: Working: Farwah, Bouri, Melittah, Zawia, Tripoli, Al Khoms, Misurata, Marsa El Brega (only non-oil cargoes), Benghazi and Tobruk Under force majeure by NOC: Es Sider, Ras Lanuf, Marsa El Brega, Zueitina and Marsa El Hariga Closed: Sirte and Derna FAR EAST

Ships transiting the Singapore Strait should remain vigilant and maintain an adequate anti-piracy watch as the number of incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in the Strait with 29 incidents 2020 YTD, 16 in the last 3 months.    


While there have been no recent changes to the status of Yemeni ports, port authorities are now implementing strict quarantine and control measures to prevent the spread of COVID19.

According to information received from our correspondent Gulf Agency Co. (Yemen) Ltd. (GAC), the port situation in Yemen as at 30 July 2020 is as follows:

Working: Aden, Rudhum Oil Exporting Terminal, Mukalla, Ash Shihr Oil Exporting Terminal, Nishtun, Saleef and Hodeidah

Closed: Mokha, Ras Isa Marine Terminal (Safer), Ras Isa Petroleum Products Reception Facility and Balhaf LNG Terminal

Contact us today (remember to mention ASKET) to discussing performing Due Diligence and Risk Assessments for any High-Risk Area to ensure peace of mind for your fleet and to discuss possible mitigations or further information on regions or port calls. These are produced by experienced Maritime Operations Officers who have experience of sailing in the region as well as commercial and technical operations of vessels in the regions and understand your and your charterers requirements.

Capt David Lockwood 

Operations Director

Merlin Global Maritime

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