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NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) - Weekly Threat Report

COVID-19 driving a cyber security focus for UK business

In a report, published by PwC, 96% of the businesses that responded stated their cyber security strategy has been shifted due to COVID-19. In addition, 50% said cyber security would be considered in every business decision.

The percentage of UK participants who believed a ransomware attack could affect them in 2021 was 50%, below the report’s 57% global average. This is despite a number of high-profile ransomware attacks in 2020. The NCSC and its allies have previously reported on cyber criminals utilising COVID-19 for attacks.

Having cyber security on top of the agenda is a good approach for any business and we have published a Board Toolkit which provides resources to aid those conversations between boards and their technical experts.

New console? Make sure you stay secure

It’s an exciting time for gamers with the launch of Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles but it’s also a good opportunity to remember the importance of staying secure online.

The PlayStation 5 (released next week for UK gamers) and the Xbox series X & S represent a big step forward in the industry. Online gaming is huge and will continue to grow at the start of a brand-new console generation, but it’s also a good opportunity to review whether you’re doing as much as possible to keep your online accounts secure.

From securing your devices to protecting your privacy, the NCSC has published gaming guidance which will help you protect yourself and leave you free to enjoy your shiny new console.

If you manage to track down a console online (good luck!) and remember we also have online shopping guidance available here on the NCSC website.

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National Cyber Security Centre Weekly Threat Reports

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