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Suspicious Approach in the IRTC #piracy #marsec

Incident Type: -

f. Suspicious Approach/ Activity

Region: - Indian Ocean / Gulf of Aden / IRTC

Authority/ Reported By: - Dryad Global



Position: - 12° 15.0’N, 044°40.0’E


Reporting indicates that vessel has been approached whilst transiting Eastbound MSTC 55nm SW Aden. Reports indicate that the vessel was approached resulting in the embarked AST firing warning shots. The skiffs were said to have withdrawn. Further reporting indicated that a further vessel 12nm East reported a similar approach after this initial incident. It was reported that up to 6 skiffs were sighted within the area, it remains unclear how many skiffs approached the vessels. No weapons or ladders reported at this time.

Dryad Global report

For details of the alerts please go to ASKET Operations Piracy & Alerts Chart

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