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UKMTO Advisory - Iranian Military Exercise - Arabian Gulf

UKMTO - Military Exercise in PERSIAN GULF

Incident Type: - a. Maritime Alert

Region: - Indian Ocean / Gulf of Aden / IRTC

Authority/ Reported By: - UKMTO




1. Category: Military Exercise in PERSIAN GULF EAST OF LARAK.

2. Description: It has been reported to UKMTO that Iranian military forces will be conducting a military exercise with live firings. Between 1330Z and 2030Z on 11 and 12 November 2020 the bounded by area:

A. 2657N 05628E

B. 2645N 05624E

C. 2645N 05635E

D. 2635N 05648E

E. 2615N 05648E

F. 2615N 05706E

G. 2644N 05703E

All vessels in the vicinity are to stay vigilant and to report any incidents to UKMTO.

All vessels are requested to inform UKMTO if any interference is noted on Radios/Radars/GPS. VESSELS ARE ADVISED TO EXERCISE CAUTION WHEN TRANSITING THE AREA

3. Source: NAVTEX via Third Party reporting.

4. Any queries regarding this UKMTO Notice ring 0044 2392 222060 only for further information.

UKMTO Watchkeeper


Emergency Tel: +44 (0)2392 222060

Emergency Tel: +971 5055 23215

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