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Vessel Boarded by Pirates Nigeria (Update) - Nigerian Navy Return Fire

Friday, September 16, 2016



Type of incidents BOARDED 

Date 16SEP2016; 0304 UTC

Location 45NM offshore Bayelsa state, Nigeria

Lat. / Long. 03:46N – 005:26E


Source: BI / NYA


NYA International update:


Please be advised that following the Maritime Security Alert for West Africa dated 16 September 2016, the following information has become available:


BI confirmed the tanker HANZE KOCHI was attacked approximately 45NM offshore Bayelsa state, Nigeria. The vessel was chased by one speedboat carrying an unidentified number of armed pirates.


The speedboat approached the tanker at high speed before the pirates opened fire.


The pirates managed to attach two large ladders onto the tanker's handrails and climbed on board.


Embarked Nigerian Navy personnel returned fire resulting in the pirates jumping overboard.


It has been confirmed that all crewmembers are safe.


The vessel left Onne port on 15 September. 


All stakeholders are advised that the pirate group is likely intent on kidnapping vessel crew offshore. The threat from pirate incidents off Bayelsa state is currently elevated.  


This incident has been added to MarTrack and updates will be visible on MarTrack Webview.

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