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Lloyds - Joint War Committee Update 17th May 2019 - Hormuz

Monday, May 20, 2019


The enmity between Iran and Saudi Arabia continues to create tensions as the Saudis believe Iran is trying to control strategic waterways. The recent tightening of Iranian sanctions by the US administration will raise tension in  Iran and cause difficulties for Asian buyers. 

Very little information is to hand about the explosions at Fujairah anchorage on 12th May and the circumstances and methods employed remain unclear. There is no doubt that considerable damage was done and there will be significant claims.

The JWC has met to review the situation and in the light of further information, has updated the Listed Areas to reflect the perceived heightened risk across the region. The situation will be kept under close review. 


Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism and Related Perils Listed Areas - 17th May 2019


The Joint War Committee has recently reviewed the Listed Areas, and has agreed the following changes which are incorporated in the new list as attached.






Persian or Arabian Gulf and adjacent waters including the Gulf of Oman west of Longitude 58°E


United Arab Emirates




Saudi Arabia (Gulf coast)


Saudi Arabia (Red Sea coast) excluding transits


Updated Areas Here: JWCA024 - Gulf


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